Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I spent half of yesterday evening on the carpet

I wouldn't want you to miss the pun, so, if you're not acquainted with the phrase "on the carpet," see here.

Since I have a ganglion cyst, which occasional hurts, under my left sole, and since I can't afford to fall and break both wrists again, I take much smaller steps than normal when I'm doing a folk dance. So, when I go folk dancing, I dance in back of the circle in order to stay out of the other dancers' way.

Unfortunately, there's a guy who attends many Israeli folk dance sessions who dances in back of the circle for the opposite reason--he's such a wild dancer that there's a real risk that he'll kick someone.

To avoid being run over by "kicky fiselach (feet), the Rockette," I now make it a point to get the heck off the wooden dance floor and go dance on the carpet whenever he gets anywhere near me.

And that's why I spend half my Israeli folk dance sessions on the carpet, literally.


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